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Mix it Up! Kitchen Collection

Lots of kitchen goodies in this set, all designed to coordinate. There are detailed tutorials included for each project, with photos and step by step embroidery design instructions, along with any sewing machine or hand stitching instructions required. Another plus is the designs require minimal thread changes.

Bowl Cover/Table Mat-1273A 1-4:

This versatile design includes directions to make the bowl cover and the table mat. I designed the bowl cover specifically for my KitchenAid mixer, but also love it as a table mat, as well. There is only one small opening to hand stitch (or fuse) to complete the project and sewing machine topstitching to form the casing.

The finished size is approximately 11-3/4" diameter. To change the bowl cover to fit a smaller size bowl, you can change where you place the elastic casing in the last step of construction

Each one of the four designs is 6.75 x 6.75 and approximately 10,000 stitches.


The apron is the star of this set, with 4 designs, 3 for the bib and 1 for the pockets. It is really fun to make. The bib has a fold down flap for a “3D” effect to mimic the pockets, as well as the towel topper (see below).

This is my favorite item in the Mix it Up! Set. I can imagine giving these to all my friends and family (gals, of course) for Christmas. That would require numerous minions to magically land on my doorstep, begging to stitch them out, however.

The apron does require regular machine sewing. Step by Step directions, with photos, are included to guide you through completing the apron, easy peasy.

1273C1 Bib Flap: 3.64 x 11.24; 1,024 stitches

1273C2 Bib-Upper: 12.0 x 4.5; 11,989 stitches

1273C3 Bib-Lower: 13.53 x 6.5; 9,712 stitches

1273C4 Pocket: 6.03 x 10.79; 10,289 stitches

Frig Handle Covers-1273D1-3:

These also make great cord wraps, small jars, etc. They go together quickly so make great hostess gifts and stocking stuffers, also. I love these. They cut down on the scrubbing door handles. Keep several on hand to swap out when it’s time to launder.

These can also be used for cord wraps.

1273M1: 5.01 x 6.78 (finished 4.25 x 6.0)

1273M2: 5.86 x 9.0 (finished 5.25 x 8.25)

1273M3: 6.25 x 6.7.5 (finished 5.5 x 6.0)

Oven Mits-1273E:

Designs are included for the right hand (front and back) and for the left hand (front and back). There are instructions on how to line the mitts. The top is finished off with binding.

The set includes five different mitt sizes:

  • 1273E1-8 is a taller mitt, with a wide hand, which should fit any adult.
  • 1273E11-14, is also a taller mitt, with a slim hand (adult size)
  • 1273E21-24 is a small child’s mitt.
  • 1273E41-44 is a slim, shorter mitt (adults and older children size)
  • 1273E51-55 is a slim, very short version (adult size)

1273E1 Large Mitt: 8 x 10

1273E11 Medium Tall Mitt: 8 x 13

1273E41 Medium Shorter Mitt: 8 x 10

1273e51 Medium Shortest Mitt: 8 x 8

1273E21 Small Child's Mitt: 6 x 9

Towel Topper-1273G:

No more crocheted towel toppers. Yay Just kidding. They still hold their charm.

This topper is super easy to stitch out, no hand stitching required. It has a "3D" flap at the top with a button closure.

The design is 6.02 x 9.56, with 8162 stitches. The finished topper is 5-1/4 x 5 (when buttoned)


The potholder is another fast project that does not require any hand stitching and is completely finished in the hoop.

The minimum hoop requirement is 8x8, with 19,000 stitches. The finished size is 6-3/4 x 6-3/4.


Keeping with the Mix it Up! theme, you have to have a mugrug to set your coffee cup on while you're slaving away in the kitchen or sneaking off the recliner for a well-deserved break.

These are very quick to sew and have only one small opening to hand stitch at the end. Complete instructions, with photos, are included.

1273M1: 5.01x6.78 (finished 4.25 x 6.0); 7,785 stitches

1273M2: 5.86x9.0 (finished 5.25 x 8.25); 9,821 stitches

1273M3: 6.25x6.7.5 (finished 5.5 x 6.0); 8,240 stitches


If you make this collection as a gift, how fun to have a personalized cookbook to give with the set. Imagine gifting to a bride, who when opening the whole set, discovers a little cookbook, with some of your favorite recipes and Mix it Up! blank recipe cards to add her own recipes.

The design is 7.0 x 5.75; finished is 5.0 x 5.5.

All of the designs will be posted as single designs, as well, in case you prefer to buy them separately

Available Formats: DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, SEW, SHV, VIP, VP3, XX

This is a machine embroidery design and requires an embroidery machine to stitch out. The design is for download only.

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