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The 8x8 set includes 4 designs; the larger sizes include 3 files. All of the sets include a continuous (endless) design.

The designs make it possible for you to make your own fabric and bindings that match any fabric yardage or project that you have.

The sashing/binding designs include guidelines for cutting the strips into precise 2-1/2" strips and are designed so that the design stripes line up when strips are sewn together, end to end, just as you would sew together plain fabric sashings and bindings.

A "continuous" or "endless" design version (no seams) for the diagonal stripes style is included. The continuous sashing/binding yardage is 2-1/2 inches wide.

The fabric designs stitch out the entire stitch area, which can then be cut into the shapes needed for your projects.

Tips for best results and color charts are included. Directions on how to stitch continuous or endless embroidery designs are also included.

Available Formats: DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP, VP3

DST format may work if your machine format is not available in the design set.

Design sizes and Stitches:

8 x 8 Designs:
 1505A1-4 8x8 Sash/Binding: 7.86 x 7.86; 8,606
1505A2-4 8x8 Fabric: 7.86 x 7.86l; 7,420
1505A34 8x8 Sash/Binding (continuous): 2.51 x 7.50; 2,209
1505A4-4 8x8 Fabric: 7.79 x 7.879; 3,945
8 x 10 Designs:
1505A1-5 8x10 Sash/Binding: 7.86 x 10.0; 10,730
1505A2-5 8x10 Fabric: 7.86 x 10.0; 9,380
1505A3-5 8x10 Sash/Binding (continuous): 2.51 x 10.0; 2,940
8 x 14 Designs:
1505A1-6 8x14 Sash/Binding: 7.86 x 14.0; 14,461
1505A2-6 8x14 Fabric: 7.86 x 14.0; 12,026
1505A3-6 8x14 Sash/Binding (continuous): 2.51 x 14.0; 4,106
10 x 14 Designs:
1505A1-7 10x14 Sash/Binding: 10.0 x 14.0; 18,077
1505A2-7 10x14 Fabric: 10.0 x 14.0; 16,468
1505A3-7 10X14 Sash/Binding (continuous): 2.5 x 14.00; 4,106

This is a machine embroidery design and requires an embroidery machine to stitch out the designs. The design is for download only.

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